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Horse Boots & Bandages

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If you are in need of any horse boots, or horse wraps to care for your animal when out on rough terrain, or to care for and protect them from injury, we have all you need right here.  As a proud supplier of equestrian equipment for all our customers in the UK, Iron Horse Equestrian Supplies make sure we have everything you could possibly need to make your love of equestrian sports and the time you spend with your animal and in the outdoors, even better.

Of course, we know that each and every one of our customers are as dedicated to the care of their animals as we are.  Therefore, we make sure to have a great choice of horse hoof boots to suit and promote their health needs as a priority, first and foremost.  It has been recognised that the hoof is probably one of the most important areas to look out for in terms of health care.  In fact, there is a saying that goes ‘no hoof, no horse’.  Hoofs are responsible for bearing the weight of the entire animal, therefore helping them to balance, deal with rough terrain, and remain healthy by taking regular exercise.  They can wear these boots to help them get the support they need to remain healthy, avoid fungal infections or any other problems associated with poor hoof health.

Our horse leg wraps provide the same kind of protection from damage as our boots, but can also help to support and care for any injuries that may occur, by increasing circulation.  You can also work to protect and aid healing to any damage, cuts or grazes to the hock, with a horse bandage wrap.

Regardless of whether you are helping your animals with a past injury, or you just want to provide support for them to navigate over rough terrain that may cause damage to their hooves, horse boots can make all of the difference.  We even have horse ankle boots to help protect them from damage to their fetlocks and heels.

Horse jumping boots can help your animal with the needed protection against possible nicks and damage associated with jumping over barriers and possibly catching their legs or hooves on in the process.  They may also catch one hock area of the leg with another when they are moving at high speeds.  To avoid this kind of damage occurring in the first place, horse fetlock boots are the answer.  Horse tendon boots can also prevent a strike from the hind hooves catching, when in gallop, against their fore legs.

We have breathable boots to help ensure that there is minimal rubbing or discomfort for your animal when out in exercise, by transferring any moisture away.

Elderly horses are more prone to damage to their hooves, and can be helped with the same care and attention to their leg and footwear.  To avoid already weakening hoof walls from becoming easily damaged, our choice of hoof boots can really help keep an elderly horses’ hooves in a healthy condition.

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