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Country Sportswear Ladies

No matter what the weather indicates, when engaged in any outdoor sport it is always best, especially when riding in the UK, to be prepared for anything.  Regardless of what your choice of pursuit is, we at Iron Horse Equestrian Supplies have a good choice of ladies’ country wear that will support you in caring for any part of your garden, land, horses, livestock, or during any other outdoor pursuit you have in mind.  We take pride in providing for both horse and rider, but are also capable of providing quality wear for many other needs.

Everyone knows that as long as you arrive prepared for any outdoor activity, you can succeed.  Having the right wardrobe for any task helps you to keep at your pursuits for longer, and it gives you the confidence to achieve whatever you have set out to do.  For example, whether the clothing you wear is for when you walk, care for, or ride horses, or even to enjoy a good hike in the hills and mountains, having a ladies waterproof coat that is also windproof and fashionable makes all the difference to your feeling of preparedness and your overall stamina.

When you need extra layers to provide protection from the elements, have a look at purchasing a ladies gilet.  These items of clothing make sporting pursuits much easier, as they can fit beautifully under other winter layers such as a coat, or can even be worn purely to keep your torso warm but allow your arms the freedom needed when engaged in any physical activity.

Country Ladies Wear

We have a huge choice, not only country ladies wear such as coats, ladies waistcoats, gilet’s and shirts, but of different styles and sizes to suit all.  For example, you can choose between the ladies padded gilet we have and the ladies fleece gilet, so that whatever material you prefer to provide that extra comfort and warm during the colder months is catered for.  For example, caring for horses is a 24/7, all weathers, all terrain kind of pursuit, that many of our customers are passionate about.  Therefore, we cater to meet with the needs of each and every environment, from snow fall and bitter winds to the glory of the summer months.

Included in our range of country wear ladies will love, is a choice of clothing using the versatile and ever popular material known as tweed.  Our customers can order one of our tweed blazers, perfect for keeping carrying off a professional and formal look when required, while still practical enough to wear when out and about.  We also have a tweed ladies waistcoat that looks amazing enough to be worn to make a casual outfit look tailored for a day out, but is also an ideal robust piece of practical sportswear.  As tweed was originally created for outdoor pursuits, no matter how fancy it looks, it is still made for the outdoors.

The choice of ladies country wear jackets include a navy quilted coat that promises to be cosy by adding that much needed protection with an extra layer of warmth, while also looking great.  We also have wax country wear ladies coats for purchase that are brilliant for wet weather.

So, for coats, jackets, waistcoats or a ladies gilet, UK customers can come to us.  We work hard to cover all aspects of practical yet appealing sportswear to suit our needs.  You can either order what you need online, or come and visit us for all and do all of your needed shopping in person.  If you need any extra information, contact us.