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Here at Iron Horse Equestrian Supplies, we have a huge stock of many items related to the riding and caring of your horses, as well as many clothing items to make your days with your animal and other outdoor activities more enjoyable and comfortable.  Here you can find an array of horse accessories.

We are happy to provide you with everything you need and more in our horse accessories shop.  Please feel free to browse the choice we have made available to all our valued customers.

Our horse saddle accessories include the tools you need as a rider to communicate with your horse, and for you both to be comfortable while you are in the saddle.  For instance, we have reins and headcollars.  For support in carrying out training, when not in the saddle, we have a choice of lead ropes and lunge lines.

Our ear nets and hoods can help your horses’ ears to be more comfortable.  Their ears can give you a good indication as to where their attention is honed, based on where their ears are turned to.  If they are distracted by flies or pests, it can be hard to care for them, and read their body language.  This is important whether you are riding them or not.  It is also ideal in protecting the delicate skin on their ears, when the sun is at it’s strongest.  This means that, although this is not recommended when engaged in jumping sports, you can use this accessory while riding, or while your horse is in the field, or even in the stable.

Other horse accessories include grazing muzzles. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, these masks are not to prevent your animal from eating when they need it, as any good owner will no doubt ensure their horse has enough healthy food to graze upon in the stalls and stables.  They are however, ideal in helping the health of your animal to remain at its peak, especially if your horses tend to overgraze in the field or you are worried about them ingesting something that will cause them harm.

When the nights draw in and little light is available in winter for your ride, it is important to ensure you have high visible wear on both you and your animal.  Even when it is not dark, it is also important to ensure you are visible when along the roadside.  To help you and your horse be more visible, we have high-vis quilted horse boots for extra comfort, neck bands to go along the riding equipment, and even a flashing tail guard in bright pink.  Hat bands for you, along with illuminating jackets and other suitable men and women’s clothing can ensure people will recognise you are in the saddle, and care will slow down accordingly.  These items can also be used when they are simply relaxing in the field, either at night in the summer months, or during the day.

For more information on our horse accessories, UK customer can visit our shop, or contact us via our website.