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Equimins Muscle Toner Liquid 1 Litre



A natural feed supplement to promote healthy muscle development in horses. Muscle Toner contains Gamma Oryzanol, a natural extract from Rice Bran Oil. It is one of a group of sterols which form part of the structure of the muscle building hormones found in the body. It also contains Creatine, an amino acid produced naturally in the liver, kidneys and Pancreas. Creatine is used as a way of storing energy and aids in muscle recovery time between bursts of activity. Both products are emulsified into a base of rice bran oil for easy absorption in to the gastro intestinal tract. Muscle Toner can help to provide increased stamina, lean muscle mass and a general improvement in overall appearance and well being.

Fed at 15 ml per day, a 1 litre bottle will last two months.