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Clipperman Dragon Clipper




A 12V animal clipper, with a cutting speed of 2,500RPM. Comparable with a 150W mains clipper, but without the need for cables.

Large blade connection takes A2, A22, A6 and A7 blades. Comes supplied with an A2 blade with a 3mm cut length.

The power and freedom to fly through hair! A completely wireless battery pack allows for more manoeuvrability, and a safer clipping experience.

A completely cable free design makes this clipper perfect for young or nervous animals, who don’t like the mains cable on a wired clipper.

2 rechargeable Li-Ion batteries allow up to 4 hours of total running time, at 2hours per battery, with only 1.5 hours charge time (dependent on use).

Makes the perfect partner for the Joust trimmer, or pair it with our 4,000mAh battery, or 4,000mAh battery pack, for even better battery times (sold separately).

The pack contains

1 x Battery powered Dragon trimmer

2 x Rechargeable 2,000mAh Li-Ion batteries

1 x A2 blade

1 x Blade guard

1 x Battery charger

1 x Clipper oil

1 x Cleaning brush

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Instruction manual