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Baileys Alfalfa Blend


Alfalfa Blend chaff is a unique combination of alfalfa, soft green oat straw and clover coated with a light blend of molasses and oil. The fibre sources are sown from carefully selected seed and grown as a mixed crop in the field and harvested when the oat straw is still green, making it softer, more palatable and digestible, and with a higher nutritional value than more mature, yellow oat straw. Alfalfa Blend is grown according to organic principles without the use of fertilisers or chemicals and, unlike some popular brands, contains no mould inhibitors or artificial preservatives so represents a pure, natural fibre source of superb quality for use as a partial hay replacer, or simply as an addition to the compound ration.
Alfalfa Blend chaff provides slow release energy as well as quality protein which is essential for muscle and tissue development and repair. It contains naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and its light molasses and oil coating means total sugar content is minimal, whilst the oil provides a further source of non-heating energy and fatty acids for superb coat condition.