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Animalife Vetrogard Intense – Gastric Comfort – 525g



What is it?

Vetrogard Intense is a proven gastric health support supplement designed for horses of all ages and activities. The palatable formulation is made from micronised soya that has been fermented with Lactobacillus delbruekii Rosell197. The challenge for anyone managing a stabled or active horse is to maintain and support gastric health when the stomach is expecting a supply of food 24/7, but in reality receives discrete meals throughout the day. Appetite, body condition, droppings and behaviour are all linked to gastric health – which when compromised can prevent the horse from performing at its optimum.

How it works

Horses experience gastric discomfort when there is an imbalance between factors that are aggressive towards the gastric mucosa (e.g. acid secretions) and protective factors (e.g. mucus, secretion of bicarbonate buffers, cell renewal). In a special manufacturing process, the bacteria is deactivated at the end of the fermentation, so that Vetrogard contains the products of the soya fermentation together with the inactivated bacteria and its metabolites, providing a rich source of nutrients: amino acids, bioactive peptides, flavonoids and isoflavonoids, vitamins and minerals.

What it does

  • Studies have shown that horses fed Vetrogard Intense have improved appetite, condition and faecal quality scores after one month using the product.

  • In a large scale trial 59 horses that were presented to a large veterinary clinic with signs associated with gastric discomfort, were assessed by the veterinarians there and offered Vetrogard Intense as a feed supplement for 30days.

  • Overall, 78% of the horses showed improvement in signs associated with gastric discomfort after using Vetrogard Intense for 30 days.

  • Vetrogard Intense strengthens the natural defences of the gastric epithelium

  • Suitable for all equines from foals to senior horses.

  • Free from banned substances.

  • Nothing compares with Vetrogard Intense, works like Vetrogard Intense or delivers results like Vetrogard Intense.


How to use

Vetrogard Intense is designed to be fed on a daily basis when necessary. Vetrogard Intense is a palatable white powder which requires mixing into damp feed.

Feeding guidelines as per label

Maximise results with Vetrogard Intense

Feeding management, exercise, diet construction and stress can all tip the balance away from gastric health.

Dietary strategies for gastric health include…

  • Feeding as much fibre as possible in the form of hay, haylage or fibre additions within the concentrate portion of the diet.

  • Provide pasture turnout whenever possible.

  • Ensure water is available at all times

  • Feed little and often in frequent meals

  • Where possible take measures to reduce stress



Vetrogard Intense is a nutritional supplement made from micronised soya that has been fermented with Lactobacillus delbruekii Rosell197, deactivated at the end of the manufacturing process. Vetrogard Intense has been formulated with Specially Optimised Bioavailable Formula (SOBF) technology. Vetrogard Intense is free from banned substances.